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If you have an older loved one who could use some social interaction, medical support, or daily assistance, adult medical daycare may be suitable for them. Belleville Senior Services offers an adult medical daycare program to senior citizens 65 and up in Belleville, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. We offer initial care consultations, where you can ask questions and determine whether the program will be right for your loved one. Here we’ll share more information about potential questions to ask.

What Type of Care Do You Provide?

The purpose of a care consultation is to determine whether the services offered are sufficient for the senior’s needs and how senior living services can help them. This is also the time to ask questions about the program, when it runs, how often the seniors can attend, and similar questions.

At Belleville Senior Services, we personalize the care plan to each patient’s needs, adjusting it over time as conditions change. This helps your senior get the best quality care, and our senior care staff always communicates any changes to the care plan to the senior’s contacts.

We’re open Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and our seniors can come as often as they’d like.

Are You Able to Help with Medical Issues?

Your initial consultation is a good time to discuss the medical needs of loved ones, including current diagnoses and medications, to see if adult medical daycare is ideal for them.

The staff at Belleville Senior Services is highly trained to assist seniors with medical needs in a caring and compassionate manner. We offer daily services like blood pressure checks, medication management, and blood glucose level testing.

Do You Provide Meals for the Seniors?

As people age, it’s even more important for them to eat a nutritious diet with proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. However, it can be difficult for older people to move around and have the energy to prepare hot, healthy meals.

At Belleville Senior Services adult medical daycare, we provide customized meal plans with hot and fresh foods that are balanced and tasty. Meals and snacks are available throughout the day. The initial consultation is when you should mention any dietary restrictions or eating issues.

Does Anyone on Your Staff Speak Foreign Languages?

Older patients who speak mainly foreign languages may be hesitant to participate in a daycare program where they don’t think they’ll be able to communicate with anyone. During an initial consultation, ask the daycare provider whether they have any staff members who speak their language.

Belleville Senior Services is proud to staff experienced caregivers who speak languages other than English, including Spanish, Creole, Indian, and Tagalog so we can welcome non-English speaking seniors.

Do You Assist with Personal Daily Care?

Keeping up with hygiene or personal care can be harder for older people as they age and sometimes, they can fall behind on it. If your loved one needs assistance with personal care, enrolling them in an adult medical daycare program can be an option. Discuss the needs of your relative during the initial consultation to see whether they can be fulfilled.

At Belleville Senior Services, we help with personal care and hygiene tasks like bathing, grooming, using the restroom, and more.

Are There Activities or Outings for Seniors?

Adult medical daycare isn’t solely to help seniors with medical issues, but it also serves as a way for them to get social interaction and enjoy activities they wouldn’t otherwise.

Staying active and engaged in the community is beneficial for seniors, and Belleville Senior Services knows this. Our adult medical daycare program is filled with individual and group activities like classes, movies, musical performances, games, exercise classes, field trips, holiday celebrations, and more events that will keep your loved one engaged and enjoying their time at daycare. Check out our gallery to see more events and offerings at Belleville Senior Services.

Schedule One-on-One Senior Care Consulting Today

If you think an adult medical daycare program would benefit your parent or loved one, consider Belleville Senior Services in Belleville, NJ. Our experienced staff is committed to providing senior care services that promote dignity and independence in seniors 65 and over. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one senior care consulting appointment with our staff.