Close-up picture of hands of elderly married couple holding caneMedicaid-managed care is an efficient, simple option for patients requiring financial support to pay for health services. It is offered in New Jersey and makes healthcare more accessible to those who need it most. Belleville Senior Services accepts many Medicaid-managed care plans for patients across the Belleville, New Jersey, area. Learn more about Medicaid-managed care and the services we provide.

What Is Medicaid Managed Care?

Some medical facilities work as managed care organizations (MCOs). This is when individuals receive care through Medicaid benefits. MCOs work with state Medicaid agencies to care for those on Medicaid healthcare plans. This ensures patients receive essential healthcare services while decreasing Medicaid costs.

The goal of Medicaid-managed care is to make healthcare more accessible for aging individuals. When someone enrolls in Medicaid managed care, billing expenses are covered, and they do not need to worry about healthcare costs. They also do not have to coordinate with insurance companies to submit claims. Medicaid-managed care takes care of submitting claims and paying out-of-pocket expenses for patients, allowing them to receive the care they need.

Medicaid Managed Care Plans

Depending on the client’s needs, they can have one of many Medicaid-managed care plans. Medicaid managed care covers NJ family care, as well as Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and the Non-Emergency Transportation Broker Program.

NJ Family Care

For NJ family care, Medicaid-managed care plans include:

  • Amerigroup
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
  • Wellcare

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is a Medicaid-managed care program that enables seniors to receive specialized care services. This includes care not provided in a nursing home, like at-home care or adult medical day care services. PACE covers certain medical expenses associated with this type of care.

Non-Emergency Transportation

Some individuals may be eligible to receive non-emergency transportation services through Medicaid-managed care. Using Modivcare, clients can receive transportation to and from appointments, including to adult medical daycare centers. This allows for easy and accessible medical care for those who need it most.

Our Managed Care Medicaid Services

Through Medicaid-managed care, individuals can receive a variety of services at Belleville Senior Services, including:

Nutrition Services

Our team understands how important nutrition is for our patients. That’s why we provide customized meal plans catered to each client’s tastes and preferences through our senior nutrition program. We ensure each meal is nutritionally balanced, offering off-site catering for meals and snacks. What’s more, our team makes sure to account for each client’s allergies, dietary restrictions, and other dietary needs when crafting meal plans.

Medical Services

Seniors may require medical intervention throughout the day, like help taking medications at certain times or scheduling doctor’s appointments. At Belleville Senior Services, our medical services include monitoring each client’s medication schedule, ensuring they take the correct medications at the right times. Our team is also equipped to handle any medical situations that may arise.

Personal Daily Care Services

Aging individuals may have difficulty completing daily care, like bathing or dressing. Enrolling in adult medical day care services at Belleville Senior Services gives seniors the support they need to live more independently. We offer daily senior living services, where individuals can receive assistance with many aspects of personal care. We also have an on-site hairdresser and manicure services to allow seniors to look and feel their best.

Senior Activity Services

Seniors require social interaction and brain stimulation to live healthy, independent lives. Joining an adult medical daycare community allows seniors to interact with others, learn new things, and get assistance completing their favorite hobbies. Belleville Senior Services offers a variety of social outings, as well as other senior activities like exercise classes, movies, or technology classes.

Those who choose Belleville Senior Services access a compassionate staff looking to make life more independent for aging individuals. The facility will work with each patient’s insurance provider to make billing more convenient. The care staff is also multilingual, with team members who can speak Spanish, Creole, Indian, and Tagalog in addition to English.

Access Comprehensive Care for Aging Adults at Belleville Senior Services

Individuals across Belleville, NJ, can find compassionate care at Belleville Senior Services. We accept a variety of insurances, including Medicaid managed care insurance. Future clients can schedule an in-person consultation with one of our Care Coordinators. During this time, we get to know our patients and their medical needs, allowing us to evaluate how to deliver care best. To learn more about Medicaid-managed care, contact us today.

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