The Place of Medicaid in Care Services

Many aging adults suffering from disabling conditions and chronic illnesses need long-term care services. Without it, they may endure serious physical and mental health risks. Affording such services can be a concern for adults and their families. Therefore, many people turn to Medicaid-managed care for assistance. To make professional care more accessible for our patients, Belleville Senior Services accepts Medicaid Managed Care Insurance as payment. Here, we discuss what Medicaid-managed care is and its use in adult medical daycare services.

Winter Outings for Seniors

When the weather gets colder, we often spend more time indoors. Many seniors plan to travel to sunnier climates during winter to avoid the cold, ice, and snow. But for those who remain in northern climates for winter, it can be one of the most beautiful and fun times of the year. It helps to have some winter outing ideas in place so that you and your loved ones are ready to go when the opportunity arises. Belleville Senior Services

Signs of Malnutrition in Seniors

According to the World Health Organization, malnutrition is best described as deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients. It is a common condition in older adults and poses serious concerns regarding their overall health. Understanding the warning signs is important to prevent a decline in health due to poor nutrition. Belleville Senior Services in Belleville, New Jersey, is an adult medical daycare provider that is committed to providing the highest level of care for seniors

Senior Care Benefits and Activities

As people age and circumstances like work status change, some may find themselves bored or lonely without consistent social interaction. Senior care centers that provide social activities are a great place for older adults to attend and experience new and exciting things. Belleville Senior Services in Belleville, New Jersey, is an adult medical daycare provider offering personalized and professional care services to seniors in our community. Here we’ll share more information about how senior care benefits elders by providing them

Questions to Ask During Senior Care Consulting

If you have an older loved one who could use some social interaction, medical support, or daily assistance, adult medical daycare may be suitable for them. Belleville Senior Services offers an adult medical daycare program to senior citizens 65 and up in Belleville, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. We offer initial care consultations, where you can ask questions and determine whether the program will be right for your loved one. Here we’ll share more information about potential questions to

Your First Visit to Adult Medical Day Care

Adult medical daycare can be great for working families that need a break from caring for a loved one. But with so many options, it can be difficult to tell which one is most beneficial for both you and the senior in your care. Knowing what to expect on your first day can help ease anxieties. Offering adult medical day care services to families and caregivers who need them most, Belleville Senior Services is here to assist. Here, we discuss

Summer Fun With Seniors

Summer is a special time of the year when most people look forward to spending more time outdoors. This includes seniors, who love to soak up the sun, enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants, and look forward to seasonal outings and family visits. Seniors can take advantage of the services offered in our adult medical daycare center in Belleville, New Jersey. If they also spend time at home with family and caretakers, it’s time to start planning summer outings for

Activities Return After Pandemic Restrictions Are Lifted

Activities at Belleville senior Services are back. Through virtual meetings and an increase in people working from home, people worked together to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Bellville Senior Services in Belleville, NJ, we did our part. We reduced activities and gatherings to protect the seniors in our care. Now that most of those restrictions are lifted, older adults again can enjoy fun events at our senior care facility while knowing we continue to protect them.

Getting Out of the House for Safe Senior Outings

Seniors benefit from going on outings and day trips. Leaving their homes is a way for them to feel refreshed and gain new interest in the world around them. However, many seniors feel like going out for small trips is not worth the effort. At Belleville Senior Services in Belleville, NJ, we believe senior care should include helping them leave their house safely so they can experience a higher quality of life. Our adult medical day care facility offers services

Exercises and Activities Seniors Can Do at Home

Getting up and moving can have a lot of advantages for seniors. When you move around regularly, you can help maintain strength, protect your balance, and make it easier for you to avoid dangerous falls. However, as mobility declines, many seniors find it difficult to keep moving. If you’re a senior looking for opportunities to move around more, or a caregiver looking for ways to help a senior get or stay more active at home, try some of these exercises

What Ensures a Safe and Fun Senior Outing

Taking seniors on outings is a great way to get them out, keep them active, and make some great memories. However, before embarking on an outing with seniors, there are many factors that you may have to keep in mind. Failing to take those needs into account can lead to a number of problems, from heat-related health issues to injury. With these tips, however, you can ensure a safe, fun senior outing with your loved one who may receive care

Keeping in Touch in the COVID-19 Age

It is well known that the elderly are at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19. And for family members and caregivers, it is essential that loved ones and clients stay as safe as possible during the age of the pandemic. Belleville Senior Services, an adult medical day care provider serving Belleville, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas, is happy to share some best senior care practices, detailing how the elderly can safely keep in touch with family and

How to Discuss Your Needs with a Care Coordinator

If you or a loved one needs caregiving services, it’s important to choose a qualified provider with programming that meets your needs. Meeting with a senior care coordinator allows you and your family to learn more about a senior service organization and the options they provide. Get insights into how to discuss your needs with a care coordinator in this post from Belleville Senior Services. Senior Care Services The first step in arranging senior care services is meeting with the

Why Senior Nutrition Is the Key to Care

As we age, it is essential to eat a balanced diet to properly support the body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and thrive. Belleville Senior Services, an adult medical daycare in New Jersey, understands the role that a well-balanced diet plays. Learn more about how senior nutrition and supporting healthy food choices are vital parts of daily caregiving. A Nutritious Diet Can Lower Health Risks in Seniors Aging comes with many shifts, including changes to the body,