Three smiling clients in bathing suits and hats enjoy some summer sunshine

Summer is a special time of the year when most people look forward to spending more time outdoors. This includes seniors, who love to soak up the sun, enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants, and look forward to seasonal outings and family visits. Seniors can take advantage of the services offered in our adult medical daycare center in Belleville, New Jersey. If they also spend time at home with family and caretakers, it’s time to start planning summer outings for seniors. Belleville Senior Services offers innovative summer outing ideas, advice on senior safety, and scheduled activities year-round.

Plan Both Outside and Inside Activities

Summer weather patterns may be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to make a backup plan for seniors when planning outdoor activities. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Read and discuss short stories or poems that reflect summer themes or vacation settings.
  • Lead group exercises for stretching and strengthening.
  • Visit a local indoor pool for water aerobics or wading.
  • Invite a lecturer to talk about gardening, traveling, or other summer topics.
  • Watch movies that feature sunshine, beaches, or favorite countryside locations.
  • Plan a virtual visit with friends or family members who are vacationing.
  • Play music and teach some simple folk dances.
  • Prepare summer treats together, such as fruit salads or ice cream sundaes.

Summer Outings for Seniors

When the weather cooperates, take seniors outside! Here are a few ideas and destinations to consider:

  • Walk or sit outside in a neighborhood or yard and enjoy the warm weather.
  • Schedule day trips to farmers’ markets or local parks.
  • Play lawn games, such as bocce ball and croquet.
  • Watch birds or identify native plants and trees at a local nature center.
  • Visit a pond or lake for fishing.
  • Perform light gardening activities, such as picking flowers or berries, or creating mixed planters.
  • Enjoy an outdoor music event or community concert in a park.
  • Lunch at an outdoor restaurant or plan a picnic.
  • Tour the local area by bus or van.
  • Draw or paint outside.

Take Precautions to Keep Summer Outings for Seniors Fun

Summer outings for seniors are much more enjoyable when preparations are made, and precautions have been taken. While seniors may enjoy the feeling of warm sunshine on their skin, it’s important that they don’t risk sunburn or bug bites. Caretakers and family members can encourage seniors to take part in physical activities, but must also carefully watch for signs of fatigue or overdoing. Pay attention to special nutrition needs and make sure everyone stays hydrated. For seniors who have particular medical requirements, create a checklist of medications, toileting supplies, monitoring equipment, and other supplies to help ensure seniors are well taken care of and have fun during the outings. Always remember to pack:

  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Hats, sweaters, raingear
  • Extra clothing in case of an accident
  • Medications and first aid supplies
  • Food, water, and special nutrition requirements
  • Walkers, wheelchairs, and cushions
  • Cell phone chargers, radios, etc.

Create Enjoyable Summertime Activities for Seniors

Everyone likes to get out and socialize during the summer weather, whether sitting on a deck with a view outside or participating in a backyard barbecue. Utilizing the services and activities available at our adult medical day care center can provide a needed escape from day-to-day home schedules. It also allows caretakers and family members to attend to other duties or take a break. When you plan summer fun outings with senior household members or individuals, it creates opportunities for more relaxed interactions. Everyone should get to enjoy the special tastes, smells, and recreations of summer. For example, taking in the beauty of a summer sunset together may help smooth day-to-day friction. And a short tour around the town may lift spirits.

Free Consultations Available at Belleville Senior Services

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